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Data science and analysis, digital transformation coach, development of modern courses and communication. You find here a quick look through the services. Have you find something interesting, contact me, and we will discuss your project.

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Data Analysis and Visualization

Your data would tell the story.

data analysis
Data Reduction, Clustering, Classification, Anomaly Detection, Association Analysis, Regression Analysis, Neural Network Algorithms (Excel, R, SPSS, MATLAB, Python, RapidMiner, Orange)
data collection
Forms construction, Online publishing, Evaluation
data mining
Recommendation generation, Anomaly detection, Churn analysis, Risk management, Customer segmentation, Targeted ads, Forecasting
Help in data visualisation, 2D and 3D visualization, Augmented reality

Digital coach and elearning course developer

Do we learn different in digital age? How to improve learning.

digital strategy
How to improve learning through interactivity, mobile courses, chatbots, new realities, microlearning
course development
elearning and mobile (HTML) course development with Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter. Scoring data through any SCORM-, xAPI-compliant LMS (Learning Management System)
public speaking
Speaking at conferences and public events

Docent and Instractor

Lifelong learning - almost 70% of learning projects are self-planned

DAA - Technikum
Physik Dozentin: Mechanik, Schwingungen und Wellen, Thermodynamik, Optik
Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences: Demographic Development Course, Data Management and Demography, Market Research, Advanced Modeling and Simulation
TH Köln
Advanced Methods in Mathematics
Advanced Mathematics: Regression Analysis; Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)
Online Tutor
Webinars and Online training in physics, statistics, mathematics


"The basic error of the translator is that he preserves the state in which his own language happens to be instead of allowing his language to be powerfully affected by the foreign tongue."

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